About Suzan Allen Entrepreneur

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Suzan Marie Allen (born 5 July) is an American entrepreneur, recruiter, job search coach, and leadership expert. Allen is best known for her talent acquisition, business development and recruiting strategies. She has over 20 years of experience in profit and loss management, general management, budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow management. Allen is the president and managing director at BlueMarble Recruiting LLC, an American recruiting company, and the founder of French Italian LLC, an online home furnishings boutique.[1][2]

Allen specializes in organizational restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, acquisition integration, strategic sourcing, global sourcing, sales, marketing, merchandising, customer relationship management, recruiting, training, and team building. Through BlueMarble Recruiting, Allen consults with national distribution and manufacturing companies to influence their organizational structuring.

Early life and education

Allen was born in Portland, Oregon to Madaline F. Allen, but has long-standing roots in California. Originally from Trabia, Sicily, Luca, Italy and Florence, Italy, her great-grandparents and grandparents emigrated to the U.S. and became grape growers and winemakers in Healdsburg, a small town in northern California. Her family grew grapes along with Red delicious, Golden delicious, and Gravenstein apples for generations. Allen grew up in a large Italian family and spent her summers and holidays at the family ranch that housed several prunes, pears, and plums along with sheep, chicken, and turkey.

Allen pursued a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Portland State University.


Allen commenced her career in 2003 when she joined Hillyard as a territory sales manager. Hillyard is a leading chemical manufacturer and distributor of cleaning and hygiene solutions. She was responsible for sales, value proposition, and customer relations in the Northern California market. During her three years-long tenure at Hillyard, Allen worked with leading green organizations like The U.S. Green Building Council and The Healthy Schools Campaign. She also contributed to the marketing of Green Seal-certified products, Eco Logo products and Green buildings. Her long list of achievements with this firm also includes a 15% yearly sales rise, which Allen facilitated by system selling to partners such as Georgia Pacific, SCA, Hillyard, and GOJO.

After leaving Hillyard in 2006, Allen joined JC Paper Company. She was appointed as the director of sales and focused on the marketing of environmental and green supplies for healthcare, biotech, office buildings, and government municipalities. During her four years-long tenure, Allen honed her leadership skills by leading training teams for Envirox and Johnson brand chemicals. She also trained key end-users on environmentally sensitive products and programs.[3]

In 2010, Allen joined Interline Brands, which is one of the largest national distributors of jansan, maintenance, repair, and building products in North America. As a director of Business Development, Allen was responsible for the strategic analysis of business opportunities within the Northwest region of California. During her four years-long tenure at Interline Brands, Allen worked on establishing, developing, and executing key distribution partnerships and marketed MRO products such as HVAC/R controls. She also focused on expanding the company’s operations in multiple locations by acquiring large-scale corporations.

After leaving Interline Brands in 2014, with the wealth of experience she had acquired in distribution, Allen joined TRG Recruiting and Staffing as a vice president. TRG Recruiting & Staffing is a leading American firm that specializes in recruiting staff members for the consumer goods industry.

After gaining substantial experience as a recruiter, Allen founded BlueMarble Recruiting LLC in 2017. Her company focuses on recruiting in a multitude of industrial markets. BlueMarble Recruiting LLC also offers to consult for distributors and manufacturers. Under Allen’s leadership, BlueMarble Recruiting LLC built a large client base, and in just three years, became one of America’s leading talent acquisition firms.

During the worldwide pandemic, Allen launched an online boutique importing French, Italian, and French-Italian inspired furniture from Portugal. The products offered by her company are available for both the general public and interior designers. French Italian aims at offering quality products infused with the craftsmanship of European design stateside. Allen is also in the process of developing her own furniture collection called French Italian by Suzan.

Personal Life

Allen is currently a US citizen and will soon acquire an Italian dual-citizenship. She is looking forward to purchasing a Villa in Italy.