Eyes Wide Open

All are looking, but how many really see? Suzan Allen approaches design as a journey of joy, embracing line, texture, color and touch with Eyes Wide Open. For Suzan it's not a process, it's a passion that pursues her at every turn. She didn't choose to be a designer, in fact she spent years denying its pull, following a more predictable path to success.

Born in Portland, Oregon, Ms. Allen is the decedent of Grandparents that emigrated from their beloved Italy, to forge a life in America that was not accessible in their homeland. Their drive, a trait ingrained in Suzan's own DNA, facilitated their dream as grape growers and winemakers in a small town in northern California. Expanding their footprint into varieties of apples, prunes, pears, and plums along with sheep and chickens, they created a delightful menagerie of the senses, where Suzan summered on the ranch.

Perhaps it took root as she held her Nonno's callused hand, walking the vineyards, learning, that it was through the unique blending of grapes, that new delights of the palate were revealed. Or was it standing on that stool stirring the sauce in the controlled chaos of the kitchen, as Nonne, mother and aunts carefully blended authentic ingredients into an experience that called the heart. Wherever, however, Suzan's meticulous attention to detail and adventurous desire to create was nurtured into something uniquely Suzan Allen.

Later, strolling the streets of Europe, basking in the architecture of Italy, soaking up the masters in the tapestry of museums, Suzan's passion for creating would find its home in furnishings and accents. Others soon took note as she surrendered to the call, constantly rearranging, and redesigning the rooms and homes she visited. Sketch pad in hand the images and ideas took root in design concepts that were comfortably familiar, yet strikingly unique.

Suzan Allen is the visionary that breathes life into "Design Living by Suzan Allen." Bringing distinct, signature statements to homes and memorable destinations with furniture, hardware, lighting, and rugs, today Suzan shares her love, her vision. Experience the joy of life with your Eyes Wide Open. “Design Living by Suzan Allen."


Design Living by Suzan Allen offers distinct, signature designer statements, destined to breathe life into homes and memorable destinations. Engaging in designing furniture, case goods, hardware, lighting, rugs, and pillows from the heart of Suzan Allen to you. Familiar and inviting, yet unique and sophisticated. Design Living shares her love, her vision, calling you to experience life with 'Eyes Wide Open.' A collection of beautiful stories, waiting to become part of yours.

Opportunities are abundant, but meaningful ones are far and few.

DesignLiving by Suzan Allen offers a connectional relationship that is at best rare in this age of cut and paste, designer stamps. DesignLiving brings you so much more than designer ideas. To call it a viable, fresh creative source is accurate. But with Suzan at the helm, product development never looked or felt so good.