Clout News: French Italian To Begin Importing Exceptional Furniture Collections


Clout News:

Written by: Saqib Malik - September 24, 2020

Both French and Italian furniture is synonymous with quality, style, audacious trends, and functionality. But what happens when you combine Italian heritage with French elegance and Portuguese influences? You get the newly formed company, French Italian Home Furnishings.

French Italian is focusing on selling to interior designers and the general public. What separates this posh online boutique from the competition is the connections that owner Suzan Allen has been able to forge. This allows her to directly import and sell overseas furniture collections to U.S. customers.

Allen, who is in the process of securing her dual citizenship in Italy, grew up in a big Italian family with the culture of art, music, and design as core teachings in her life. As an adult, her best friend became a successful interior designer that kept Allen’s passion for design alive and thriving. She has always been able to look at a space and see the style and character, as every space should have personality and individuality.

“I wanted to bring the inspiration of Italy, France, and Portugal, that exudes a style of elegance and simplicity, into the American home,” says Allen on her explanation for focusing on importing. “I am one of those people that when I am over at your house and you leave the room you can expect your furniture to be rearranged when you reenter.”

Many people can understand the concept of wanting furniture from Italy and France. But why does Allen want to incorporate Portuguese influence and style? “Portugal has a unique touch with French and Italian history. This is because of the introduction of French manners and customs during the tenth and eleventh centuries when the French immigrated to Portugal,” explains Allen.

With Italian immigration and assimilation into the Angolan Portuguese community at the end of the 19th century, the recipe for all three influences to come together was made possible. It is the culmination of all three cultures and customs converging that has inspired Allen to create French Italian Home Furnishings.

French Italian wants its customers to have an incredible experience when purchasing the lineup of furniture, it will be offering. It all starts with the items you choose – while shopping online. That process will transition to a white-glove delivery, making sure you get what you paid for. The import process finalized by direct shipping to your home or office will make for a seamless buying experience.

Just do not mistake French Italian for some high-volume furniture distributor that offers cheap products made of inferior materials. French Italian promises to partner with only the finest of furniture brands offering traditional and old-world styles as well as modern and contemporary. Allen’s offerings of lighting and accessories will only compliment the online catalog with more to come.

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