Suzan Allen: A Woman of Many Talents

By Jay Feldman

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In the last few decades, we have experienced a wave of female empowerment that has been led by women who continuously fight to be seen as equal, to have the same rights as their male counterparts. These movements have taken over different areas of our society. There are those women who want to advance in politics. Those who want to be respected for choosing not to have children. Those whose goals are set on building strong professional careers. They are all known as modern women.

But what is considered a modern woman? According to an article published by Standard Media, the modern day woman is one who is represented by five very important characteristics. She is a force to be reckoned with because she is:

  • Independent: “She knows how to take charge of her own life. She is responsible for her own actions and is not afraid to take well-thought out risks.”
  • Confident: “She is educated and very competent in her chosen career. She is confident in the decisions she makes concerning her life and work.”
  • Passionate: “She is aware that her passions are what build her as a person and she ensures they always have priority.”
  • Jane of Many Trades: “She is multifaceted and takes on many roles. This can be challenging, but she embodies each of them with strength and poise.”
  • Fearless: “She knows that being fearless doesn’t mean being rash in making decisions, but rather putting her fears aside in order to reach her goals.She understands the risks involved and she deliberates before making any decisions.”

If we take a look around, we all know more than one modern woman who holds all of these characteristics and we admire her for those very reasons. One of these women is none other than the talented, smart, and empowered Suzan Allen.

Who is Suzan Allen?
As any other modern woman, Allen holds many titles. Some know her as an entrepreneur. Others as a recruiter, job search coach, and leadership expert. And there are those who know her due to her passion for French-Italian interior design. She is, after all, a Jane of many trades who continues to succeed in different career paths and passions. Allen is aware of her talent, her knowledge, and her capability, and is not afraid to go after what she wants, after what makes her happy.

Nearly two decades ago, Allen began her career as Territory Sales Manager for Hillyard. Her three years in this company gave her the tools, resources, and experience to move on to become Director of Sales at JC Paper Company, Director of Business Development at Interline Brands, and Vice President of TRG Recruiting & Staffing. The years she spent in these high-ranking positions prepared her for her current role as owner of BlueMarble Recruiting LLC.

What led Suzan Allen to start her own company?

“I have been an industry veteran in the industrial world for over twenty years and felt the need to offer my years of successful business practices to my clients, so I have started consulting to help my clients grow their business, propelling revenue, profit, growth and building and leading top-producing teams.”

But as every modern woman, Allen has found the way to dedicate time in her life to work on her passions. Hers is interior design.

French Italian Home Furnishings
Those close to Allen call her the “rearranger” because every time she enters someone’s home she immediately starts reimagining the layout of the room. She wanted to create something with this, and that is why she founded French Italian LLC. This new project is an online boutique importing French, Italian, and French-Italian inspired Portuguese furniture for the general public and interior designers. According to this entrepreneur, “French Italian’s mission is to bring the quality and craftsmanship of European design stateside in a seamless and first-class shopping experience.”

Allen’s main goal is to bring the inspiration of Italy, France, and Portugal, that exudes a style of elegance and simplicity, into the American home. This is why her brand-new company secures a white-glove delivery service which guarantees that furniture arrives undamaged. The delivery drivers remove and take away packaging, and then place the product where you want it, preventing scratching to your floors or other damage.

Modern Allen
Modern women are admired for their hard work, dedication, passion, and resilience. Allen has earned that admiration through an extensive and talented professional career. She has thrown herself into every role with confidence and compromise, giving the best of herself to every company she has worked for. Currently, she has devoted herself to her role of President and Managing Director, as well as to the foundation of her own home furnishing company. Allen is a woman of many talents who inspires those around her to follow their dreams and work hard for what they want to achieve.