Suzan Allen Launches French-Italian LLC on March 8th

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Mon, 15 March, 2021, 8:06 am

For Suzan Allen, the launch of her passion project, French-Italian LLC, has been a long time coming. From a very early age, she had an eye for design. And Allen’s close friends and family nicknamed her ‘the rearranger” because of her uncontrollable urges to rearrange their rooms on a whim.

But now, Allen’s desire to own and manage an online French-Italian furniture boutique is no longer a dream in the distance. This dream is a reality despite all of the challenges. Needing all of your inventory to fit a specific style is a challenge in itself. However, Allen also demanded quality. Therefore, a search for qualified, respectable manufacturers became a top priority that turned into a longer process than she first imagined. She explains, “I knew that I would first have to invest time in building relationships with manufacturers that I felt best conveyed the French Italian aesthetic. The first and most important aspect I looked at when hand-selecting these manufacturers is the quality of their product offerings.”

With French-Italian LLC, Allen makes the quality of classic European designs available to both U.S. and Canadian customers. Allen proudly partners with notable luxury brands such as Cisco Home, John Derian Collection, The Essential Collection, The Private Label Company, Home Spirit, Mito Home, Alexandre Turpault, The Designers Guild, and many other manufacturers to make French-Italian style easily accessible with the click of a button.

“The past year has transformed the way we look at and spend time in our homes, and to that end, we’ve seen furniture sales increase while also identifying a want for furnishings that brings joy in our spaces and will last a lifetime,” says French-Italian founder, Suzan Allen. “French-Italian is looking forward to shaping a new era in the way consumers look at their homes and design within those homes.”

Allen is proud of the results her time and diligence created. But acquiring a manufacturer was not her only issue. Allen was equally demanding in finding a shipping process and delivery service that would handle her merchandise with care. After an exhaustive search, French Italian is proud to partner with UPS Global Freight. Identifying a variety of shipping tools in their wheelhouse, UPS Global Freight was able to pull their resources to put together a shipping program that hasn’t been seen before. But now, all of her boxes are checked---her hard work, patience, and passion will be validated on March 8th when she reveals French-Italian LLC.

The long, hard road to her dream come true
Suzan Allen grew up in a large Italian family where she was exposed to the entire Italian culture: the history, the food, the architecture, and the design. Allen was influenced by it all. So it is no surprise that her love for her heritage comes shining through with her brand new business ---French-Italian LLC.

Allen comes to this pinnacle after some impressive business experience. One could say she paid her dues in the business world for years before starting her most recent journey. She currently owns BlueMarble Recruiting LLC, which she founded in 2017. BlueMarble Recruiting focuses on another skill Allen possesses---finding top-tier talent in a multitude of industrial markets.

And even before her entrepreneurial debut with BlueMarble, Allen used her managerial skills in various upper-level business positions. Allen says each one of these jobs taught her valuable skills and helped prepare her for developing BlueMarble, and now, French-Italian LLC.

Allen says her driving force through it all was a deep passion for the French-Italian style and her desire to make these designs available to people in the US. “I am passionate about making European home furnishings more accessible stateside,” states Allen.

French-Italian style explained
Probably the best aspect of French-Italian style is its timeless quality. Modern and contemporary furniture from Italy and France have a familiar essence compared to the past designs. Allen says today’s French-Italian designs combine old-world esthetics to create the perfect modern-day combination of each country’s characteristics.

What are some of these time-honored qualities? Allen explains her beloved style consists of the comfortable, worn, textured look of the past and romantic features such as cabriole legs and ornate carvings on chairs and tables.

However, Allen says that French-Italian furniture’s most notable characteristic is the craftsmanship that creates an unmatched quality. It’s this combination of timeless beauty and undeniable attention to detail that sold Allen. Her theory has always been that she is not the only one who loves this gorgeous style. Therefore, she made it her mission to provide an outlet for obtaining these luxurious designs in the US. And better yet, this outlet bypasses all of the roadblocks that make getting this furniture troublesome and expensive.

The launch
The time is finally here. Suzan Allen’s French-Italian LLC website goes live on March 8th, making her ultimate dream come true. Allen is even in the process of developing her own furniture collection that will be available in the future. If you love French-Italian style or even if you are just curious, Allen is confident that you’ll be impressed with all of the elements of her passion project.

See what French-Italian design and quality are all about with the debut of French-Italian LLC. You just might fall in love with the style that captured Suzan Allen’s heart many years ago.