Welcome to French Italian

We import furniture from France, Italy, and Portugal that is unique and has a style that everyone will want in their home. I think everyone understands the concept of furniture and textiles from France and Italy, but why Portugal? Portugal has a unique touch with French and Italian inspired. This is because of the introduction of French manners and customs in Portugal during the tenth and eleventh centuries when the French immigrated to Portugal. Italians migrated and gradually assimilated into the Angolan Portuguese community. The first diaspora began around 1880, two decades after the Unification of Italy had ended. In the 1920s to early-1940s with the rise of Fascism in Italy and other issues such as poverty especially in the southern regions of Italy, this migration started creating the Italian influence.

The concept for French Italian is simply this, when you look at modern and contemporary furniture from Italy and France today it is very similar, and when you look at the traditional and old world in French and Italian it too is very similar today. I wanted to bring Italy and France, and everything inspired, into the American home that exudes a style of elegance and simplicity.